When Ron approached us he had just bought Absolute limousines from another operator making him the proud owner of two limousine companies. This bought to the forefront the challenge or running  two business as a sole operator and to add to the mix he also runs a manufacturing company. To say Ron is poor on time is an understatement. He also wanted to add services like tours to his limousines business and wants to manage everything in one central location.


The Solution

In this project, as a Front-end developer and Graphic & UI Designer, I was responsible of the entire graphical, artistic and interactive direction of the website.

The solution for Ron was complex to say the least. We firstly funnel all his email to one address with “Topic Heading” in the email responses that enabled him to identify the source of the enquiry.

We then created an email template that returned the enquiries of his clients branded and intuitive that it inserts there name and the price he has quoted and how to pay in the email template.

We also have an Adwords Campaign for both limousine business. This ensures that his business is in auto pilot . And more important he can run his whole operations from his phone.





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