When Wayne approached via an existing client. He was pretty raw in what he wanted. We asked him so fundamental questions about his business and we found the following requirements. He wanted to sell his enviro friendly products online and he also needed to find a lead generation system that would entail in sales. we dug deeper and found out that his products were not only enviro friendly but revolutionary that natural products worked as good as chemical alternatives. He also wanted to deliver the goods easily to his clients around Australia.


The Solution

In this project, as a Front-end developer and Graphic & UI Designer, we’re responsible of the entire graphical, artistic and interactive direction of the website.

We firstly created the content photographed and used photoshop to make the products stand out. Then we designed a Article section that is more like how to use the products. We uploaded it to you tube and optimised the search so if someone needed help with application he was the go to guy.

Promoting the site we have a Facebook campaign that brings traffic to the site. But we also introduced him t the biggest shine and show for classic cars to sell his Road Warrior product. He now is a regular at there shows.





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H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P

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