Terry approached us in 2015 explaining he is a financial broker. He also stipulated that to compete in the market he has to be polished with all the tools to present himself in the best possible light to compete with some of the largest financial institutions. He is a out on the road and collecting contacts and leads is imperative but he also made us aware that his paperwork goes into the late night hours . Making his quality of life all work no play.


The Solution.

In this project, as a Front-end developer and Graphic & UI Designer, we’re responsible of the entire graphical, artistical and interactive direction of the website.

Firstly we got his content professionally written. Because his industry is about choice of lender or broker we sourced the latest Loan and Saving calculators ensuring his potential clients are informed and shows the level of advice he is capable of.

We incorporated an App for him to collect leads and build his subscriber list. We also developed a ‘welcome’ letter system for him to leave behind to his clients and he can produce the document from his phone. This has save Terry time and also kept him orginised. We  also produce newsletters and Articles and a social media strategy to ensure his brand is in the forefront of  their mind.





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H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P

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