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01. Why

NME Loves seeing our clients succeed. That’s why we do what we do. Our new and effective strategies will help your business to the next level from day one.  The most inspiring part of the journey is getting to know you. Understanding your business and your ideal customer is what we do.n  Finding your unique point of difference in your market ensures better conversion and ultimately more money in the till.

Building Your Avatar

When creating your strategy, we always take the user into account. Constructing your Ideal Customer, your businesses avatar, ensures better targeted marketing & better conversion.

Understanding Your Brand

We spend time developing an image for your business. We research your competition and googles ranked sites to develop a branding that builds trust for your potential customers.

Unique Value Preposition

We help you define what makes you special in the market. What sets you apart from the competition and how you solve your customer's needs.

02. How

It always starts with a great plan. We use project management tools to make your interaction with us simple and easy to understand. We keep everything monitored in real time. You have immediate access to over 20 developers, designers and industry specialists, that monitor and add value to your project.  We give you a design guarantee that we will keep improving the design until your happy. 

We custom code and design a site for your business. Google loves unique optimised and index content and this what we do for you. So Google knows exactly what you do and promotes you. We include a 3 month refinement period  , for your peace of mind .

The Perfect Plan

We produce a map of your site with it's functions illustrated. Custom coded functions achieve intergration of your business processes online. We integrate banking, CRM's , marketing applications and much more.

Content Build Out

Original ideas and content can be hard to come by. Thats what we do We build out your content together with you or provide visual and content experts. To ensure optimal conversion.

The Right Design

We believe good design is not just about how it looks. Designing easy to navigate and well crafted user interfaces is also important. This builds user trust and retention.

03. What

We promise everything we make will be tailored to your specific business requirements.  We promise to save you money on marketing, by carefully  targeting your ideal customer. We promise to you to  pick up the phone or respond to your  emails because we understand how important time is to you.

Custom made for you

Every business has its own unique profile. So a template or a generic solution wont represent your business and brand. Custom coding ensures we deliver on our promise to tailor your digital assets to your specific business requirements.

Attract The Right Customer

We build from the ground up a digital platform that attracts your target market and were they live online. We provide social media and search engine platform intergration and optimisation. Promising to find more of your ideal customer.

24/7 Live Support

Your digital platform it is an extension of your business. We promise to be available to you when you need us. We are only a call or email away. We are here to support you.

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