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Digital marketing confusing?

Are you wasting money on online marketing because your website is not setup right?

In todays market you need a website designer with an understanding of digital marketing and business practices full stop.

We all search online, on Google and use social media, you know you do too. Yet so many businesses fail to plan and give resources to the most powerful exposure of their brand, product or service.  It pays dividends to have an agency that understands your market. We have local knowledge of Sydney and Melbourne. You need a ,digital marketing agency like ours to make it happen for your business.

Thank God you finally found us

We will set you up, so you will see results

We’re a highly motivated digital marketing agency. We are Melbourne and Sydney based company. We offer a  full-service, results driven by creativity and ambition. Our dedicated team of experts have created campaigns for some of Australia’s biggest companies.  Proven results will lead your brand on the road to digital success. We’re dedicated in providing exceptional strategies to create and grow our clients businesses. Exceeding their objectives and expectations. We can do this for you too. So get in touch for a free consultation.

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Aristotle Dimou – CEO and Founder

Our People are hand picked, not only are they great coders and marketers. They count our clients as their own responsibility to see them succeed.

Our expertise

We use the latest website codec and use ground breaking artificial intelligence software to give your business an advantage. 

NME digital marketing agency uses the latest technologies ensures that you will have the latest tools to keep dominating your competitors and grow your business. We also market your website to the biggest platforms on the net, giving your brand total exposure to potential customers.


Website design

Convert your website visitors with amazing Designs

Professional web design is not only pretty pictures that is nicely laid out. It’s about rich content, informative, that is easy to read, encourages engagement. Taking your customers where you want them to go.

With a team of dedicated designers and coders on-hand, NME digital marketing agency develops websites and online shops. Balancing design and functionality with your own business branding requirements .

We have a design guarantee, we won’t launch until you’re 100% satisfied.

Our process includes:


We ask questions and more questions. We get to know your brand and ideal customer. Targeting whats important to your business.


Analyse the top listed businesses in your industry to see there strategies and get you to do it better.Ensuring google loves you more.

Home page design/development

The home page is what most surfers and your customers see. We make sure it gives a proper representation of what you offer and has the right elements to make sure they keep on reading.

Inner pages design/development

Inner pages design / development (i.e. product detail page, blog etc.) We use a sitemap structure to ensure all pages have natural flow.


We use the most robust CMS on the planet. Integrating a WordPress Content Management System (CMS)​ ensures you will easily change content and allow extra functions to be implemented simply.

Development and design updates

During the design and development stage. We give you regular updates and revisions. We want to get it right for you.

Page Speed Optimisation

No one likes a slow site, especially Google so we Page speed optimise content and coding. We ensure all sites meet Googles standards.


You site has to work perfectly and is easy to use. so we rigorously test and assess for function and user experience. We wont let it go live until your 100% happy.


After we complete your site and it goes live we teach you to use and operate your website. Ensuring you have the confidence to change words and photos.


Organic listing, Be Found on the first page

Most Google users don’t click past the first page of Google search results. The only way to get to the top of search engines is to use ethical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies and hard work.

At NME digital marketing agency, our expertise is understanding various complex Google algorithms that go into deciding which sites rank where – and it’s through this specialist knowledge that NME Digital can boost your websites ranking and increase enquiries.

Our process includes:

We get to know you competitors

Analyse what your competitors are doing - so you can out-rank them.

Keyword analysis and research

Achieving the right keywords to use, helps you be seen in more Google results .

Rich Snippets & Structured Data Mark-up

Search engines show your listing with all your important information and services.

Google Analytics Tracking

Track your sites performance and tailor a more targeted SEO strategy.

Page Speed Optimisation

Google loves Fast loading websites, it result in better user experience - and more sales!

Building Page Authority

Building Reputation, rich content and Google to see you as an leader in your industry.

Backlink Building

Listing your details and content on authority sites to build quality links to outperform your competitors.

Local SEO

Local SEO plays a huge part in customers’ search for brick and mortar stores, so we make sure your business is found through local searches.

Digital marketing

Attract new customers to your business today

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Social media, Google Advertising is a necessity in 2019.  Over 90% of Australian’s use social media on a daily basis. Every Googles to find a business or a service so it makes business sense to take advantage of the platform.

The benefit  of digital marketing is that you can track and capture users information. Getting a website surfer to visit your site initially is a key part of the marketing battle.We won’t let you guess and throw good money at trying to find the optimal advertisement that converts. Our A.I software ensure from the first go that it hits its target.

Want to find out more about our online marketing services.

To make this happen, NME digital agency focuses on the following steps:


We ask questions and more questions. We get to know your brand and ideal customer. Targeting whats important to your business.


Analyse the top listed businesses in your industry to see there strategies and get you to do it better.Ensuring google loves you more.

Funnels and landing pages

Dont throw good marketing dollars down the drain we build funnels to capture the user so you can market to them again. With engaging landing pages increasing conversion.

Engaging ads

Crafting engaging content for each campaign (seven creatives, Seven Titles and descriptions, two videos and 6 google banners)

Artificial intelligence ads analysis

We Use A.I Marketing Ad analysis software ensures no waisting money on split testing. We do this for ever campaign to ensure success.

Digital platforms

Platforms we use to market your business, Facebook, Instagram, Google Advertising (Adwords, Display Ads, Youtube)

Social Posting

Platforms we use to market your business, Facebook, Instagram, Google Advertising (Adwords, Display Ads, Youtube)​

Tracking and reporting

Monitoring your campaigns allows us and you to tweak and optimise your campaigns. You get a full monthly report delivered to your inbox.

Monthly meetings

Monthly meetings to keep you informed and to discuss following campaigns