About Us

Welcome to

No More Excuses
Digital Agency

We exist to provide businesses with the right tools to succeed online.

We're an up an coming digital marketing agency. With over 20 years of marketing experience and some of the smartest coders, we will help you build your companies digital assets.

We are a full-service digital business developer. We offer effective marketing services and strategies that helps your business reach the next level, from day one.

Our promise to you

We support your business so we take our promises seriously.

Our purpose is to provide your business with all the skills, strategies and monitoring tools, to succeed online. We dont use contracts only a mutual promise between you and me. No gotcha’s or long winded clauses. We want to remain friends and give value to each other.

  • We will always be contactable, our support is awesome.
  • We will find the best solution for your business.
  • We will support your businesses goals and help you achieve them.
  • We promise to be the best agency you have ever dealt with.

Our team at NME Digital driven by 4 core values

The Customer

  • A one-size-fits-all approach does not yield the best results – you can't spell 'customer' without 'custom'.
  • We offer in-depth, face-to-face or online meetings to ensure we build sites tailored for each customer.
  • It’s your money, your say is final – we won’t launch a new site or project without your 100% satisfaction.


  • We will always be upfront and ‘No More Excuses’ approach. We own our success and missteps.
  • ‘Black hat’ SEO uses fake tactics to “boost”your rankings – but unlike some agencies , we avoid this shonky approach.
  • Integrity involves transparency, so at NME Digital our techniques and methods are always open to you. So you know the whole journey with our company.

Quality Results

  • A ‘quality result’ isn’t a positive increase in one data point – it’s the whole success of each aspect in your brands marketing strategy.

  • Key word ranking boosts are important – but we don’t consider our job done unless this relates into greater conversions, long-term.
  • We hold regular quality control strategy meetings to ensure we’re building on quality results with quality testing improvements.


  • You’ll never achieve success unless you aim high – which is why we never start a project from a place of doubt or negativity.
  • Our success is your 100% satisfaction – we will always have a can do attitude

  • People who love their job tend to deliver the best results – and the NME Digital team is filled with positive & passionate staff.

Management team

Aristotle Dimou

CEO Founder and Partner

Skill : understanding markets and opportunities

Mr Aristotle Dimou has held senior positions in major companies : Sensis , Harvey Norman, Jb Hifi, Ocean Internet.  Provided market Analysis for Australian leading businesses for over 15 Years.

Chandra Bhushan

CO-Founder and Partner
Skill : Market Research Digital & Tester

Mr Chandra Bhushan has had extensive experience in corporate management and marketing in the online search sector including over 5 years with several Global clients & companies.

Shital Rautkar

CO-Founder and Partner
Skill : Functionality of web applications

Ms. Shital Rautkar Graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) degree and a master’s degree in Wireless Communication and Computing. She has over four years of experience in the online project management.

Education : BE & Marketing Research