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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of indexing and optimising on-page (your website) and off-page factors (links form other sites, directories , blogging sites etc) to achieve prominent rankings in search engines, which will drive more relevant traffic to websites through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Why hire NME Digital for SEO Services in Sydney

We live in Sydney too ! Local knowledge is paramount to achieve a successful exposure for your product or service We have had great results for our clients . We look at what sets you apart from your competitors and then amplify . We are more than web developer and SEO services company. We understand business.


What type of SEO services can NME digital offer you?

Firstly we need to get to know your business. Your competitors and your goals.We look at every business on a case by case basis. Every business will need their own set of strategies.

We will rank your business on Google and the other search engines We are located in Sydney, we live here too. So your customer base, we are familiar with it as well.

Some of our SEO Services we provide

On Page SEO
Local Maps SEO
e-Commerce SEO
Link Building
Keyword Research
SEO Reporting
Directory submissions
Google Map ranking

Competitor research

Local SEO Services Sydney

The following content explains some of the essential points of on-page and on-website seo, providing insight into some of the key elements of a successful SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

Great Keyword research is  the very core of any search engine optimisation strategy. The aim is to select relevant key words and phrases for your business that have high traffic, with a strong commercial approach and at the same time are competitively reachable to the top of the search engines given the current strength of your website’s rankings. Once selected it is generally best to be committed to the successful ranking of the chosen keywords and build links and citations on their success.

Website Backend

The WordPress CMS platform and code with which your website is developed needs to be SEO friendly. The website needs to be easily crawled and indexed  (sitemap, robot txt) by the Search engine bots and ideally easy to mange in order to optimise SEO elements of the site. The URLs need to follow best practice, be customisable, and not have more than one page with the same keyword structure.. Current website pages that are of traffic value, whether from a previous website or from your current website, need to be 301 redirected to their new URL location. This task is something that is quite difficult  and in order to maintain the your existing rankings – this is something best left to us NME Digital to help you navigate the complexities.


Keywords the way you structure them on your website is important. Always keep one topic per page eg: scissor lift hire. This will allow search engines know the topic and subject of the page. The following points are also important looking how you structure your on page keywords wording.

1: URLS: The main keyword or keyword phrase should appear in the page URL. This assists the search engine from determining page relevancy for the search query.

2:Page Title: The most important keyword for the page should feature in the page title at least once and ideally be as close to the start of the title text as is appropriate.

3:Headline (H1): It is considered best practice that the primary keyword subject  for the page appear in the main headline (H1) of the page. H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 are used for expanding the topic.

4: Bold text and italic texts and link to other pages to further enhance the users experience eg: scissor lifts over 60m you can tell google that if they want to know about other scissor lift features go to the page were the higher capable scissor lifts are the topic. SEO is simply indexing your content and promoting it.

5:Images and image alt attributes: It is also considered paramount to SEO strategy. Having at least one image on the page. An image lets Google know you have rich content and information on a page and also by  optimising the image with the page’s  keyword(s) through image title, file name and alt attribute. Have you ever searched for images on google and they show up relevant. This is Alt image tag at work.

6:Meta description: Although meta description isn’t considered to be a  factor in Google’s algorithm, they are incredibly important in determining click through rate (CTR) and user engagement. Thats what you want, for users to click on your listing and go to your businesses website page. The meta description is your advertisement in the search results so it needs to be relevant and also appealing and engaging.

With most WordPress websites nowadays there are inbuilt SEO tools like Yoast to help you improve your keyword density on and on-page keyword optimisation. As an experienced WordPress developer will be able to help you install this tool onto your website.

Page Content

A page should be at least 400-800 words but a good strategy is to see your competitors word count and beat it. It should also contain the target keywords at least twice and also include any appropriate  and topically related keywords and phrases (SEO Services – Search engine optimisation, Optimising your keywords ). The content should be original, informative and more than just self advertising. The page content should be appropriate and relevant to the search such that a visitor wants to come back to find other information on your website. Ideally the content of the page should be of such value to the surfer that they will press the share button. Buzzinga!

Linking internally and externally

The quantity and quality of internal links to a certain pages and the anchor text used in those links can assist in determining the relevancy of that page in regard to the other pages within your website. This can help Google determine authority and power of certain pages. Then delivers in its search results for particular queries. Ideally each of the target pages should have a direct link from the home page and the footer (important links).

User Experience

Google assesses the content and code of your website, it are also monitors how users are interacting with your website , the user experience. The website menu needs to be clear, logical and intuitive. Information should be easy to find and easily read. The website design should have a great design, attractive, and should allow the mobile responsive and work on any browser and any device. Testing and a responsive web design, is NME Digital s something  we take seriously. We want your clients to convert

Social Sharing

Signals from social networks are increasingly becoming imperative to your SEO strategy . Social media signals have a direct relation on the search results but they can also play a role in getting strong links to your website. For these reasons it is important that you make it easy for your visitors to share your content. Having social sharing buttons on the page is paramount .  Not only for websites, but particularly with online shops designed to gives customers the opportunity to share and promote your products within their social networks. even person has an average 300 or so friends and followers its a great way in getting traffic.

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Why does my business need Search engine optimisation services?

Your competitors have an online strategy you know that thats why your here researching SEO services companies.


SEO get’s search engine rankings and traffic to your websites pages. Asking why you need an SEO audit and strategy is a good question — but a better question to ask is: what will happen to my business if l don’t get my keyword research done and site search engine optimised using googles best practices in your search engine strategies?


Still not convinced why you need SEO services below is a story of one of our clients.


Meet John. John is just like you – he owns a business . His company decided to build online shop. He wanted to get new customers with an aesthetically pleasing and functional website. A few years went passed and the website for his company wasn’t doing very well. This is why..

Without our SEO services

search engine optimistaion

No Keyword research

John failed to research and use the keywords his potential customers were using in Google search engines.

No research bad user experience

Only a few people who could find his website found it slow-loading and clicked to another search result to find another service provider.

No research on competitors

John didn't research and analyse how his competitors did their digital marketing strategies - so they easily began to outrank and take his potential new business.

Struggling to get sales

John’s sales began to be non existent and his business took a blow because he was not ranking in his local markets.

With our SEO services

Did Keyword research

John updated his website with keyword-rich content (the content was relevant to his searches), meaning he ranked higher in search engine result pages.

Optimised for a great user experience

A Fast loading website speed and an optimised site code structure meant customers spent more time because they could flick from one page to the other on his website.

Competitor research done

By monitoring his competitors' search engine marketing strategies , improving his online presence and rankings every few months.

More Sales

Resulting in higher page ranking and an optimised site meant his sales exploded and his business was more profitable.

Common SEO Services Questions

Search Engine Optimisation is a relatively new compared to traditional strategies like TV commercials or phone book ads If you’re still a little confused, here are some common questions (and answers!) to clarify just what SEO is, how it works and why it’s important.

The question is “ How long does it take to achieve first page rankings?” It takes about 6 to 12 months to rise to the top Its worth the hard slog based that you will be seen as an authority and eventually make good Return on your investment. Seo is a long term goal. Isn’t your business worth it?

Arguably their is no correct answer– the question you ask yourself is. How will i target my potential customers.AdWords and SEO together help  to maintaining and propel your online presence. SEO is a long term strategy,  laying the groundwork and produces results over time, but AdWords is a more instant solution with instant results but the enquiries stop once you stop payment to Google..

SEO should be worked in from day one… before the website design process, best before the website is live! In most cases businesses that aren’t aware of the benefits of the service will start mid stream. No More Excuses Digital recommends and we implement it as a strategy . Proper Preparation Prevents poor performance. So its in our DNA to get it right before a line of code is produced.

Local SEO …Google Maps and if you have  a listing it must be in the first three otherwise people just wont click on your listing. Local SEO is  about googles algorithm , so if you potential customers search eg: for ‘ electrician near me’ if your not optimised your competitors will take your business

We at NME Digital understand the factor of paying money constantly and seeing little results. We are fully transparent and you will see the work that goes on to build a strong foundation for your brand or business. We have a great model and we are more affordable than most Search engine optimisation companies.

Why choose NME Digital SEO Services over other companies.

SEO Gurus

With over 25 Years experience in marketing our people have had a good foundation to understand diffrent industries and their own unique way of setting up the SEO strategies. We keep up to date with Googles best practices. Were are part of the web designers association that encompasses , integrity and honesty to do the right thing by our clients.

Return on investment approach
Being number one is everyones goal, but in a lot of cases SEO isn’t a realistic approach for a business. NME Digital will give you all the facts and only take you on if we can see you benefiting from the service.

Campaign and Brand strategy
With Every online marketing campaign, including SEO, begins with a well planned strategy. What is the business objective and if and how SEO can deliver on that strategy and objective.

NME Digital personal service
You will love our service like all our clients do. Feel free to check out our reviews. We pick up the phone always, test us out. We support your business it’s expected to be accessible. we also have 24/7 support online as well.

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